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Apartment house Sumrak

Apartment house Sumrak Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

Apartment house Sumrak If you are one of the sports enthusiast, apartment house Sumrak is the perfect spot to set

Holiday Home Pinterič

Holiday Home Pinterič Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

Holiday Home Pinterič is restored farmhouse from 1909 year and is located in vineyard in an idyllic hillside village Sromlje.

Holiday Home Kralj

Holiday Home Kralj Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

Holiday Home Kralj offers a pleasant stay. In the neighborhood you can discover interesting hiking and biking trails or visit a museum collections in the house Cvičkov Hram.

Holiday Home Češnovar

Holiday Home Češnovar Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

Holiday Home Češnovar is located in the village Celine, just below the hill, with a beautiful view of the forest, wine-growing hills and on the Krško polje all the way to Sljeme above Zagreb. Here you can find peace and quiet or do sports but mostly enjoy in the nature.

Unforgettable experiences,  holiday homes – vineyard cottages

Experience green, active, healthy holidays in destination where nature has created numerous beautiful features in this small peace of land.



Pensiom Merkež

Pension Merkež Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

Penzion Merkež is located in a winegrowing region Bizeljsko, in a village famous for "repnice" – Brezovica. Easy walk on glass of domestic wine to their "zidanica" - vineyard cottage, to "repnica" - cellar dug into the sand, you reward with a beautiful view spreads to Bizeljsko and the Sotla Valley.

Holiday Home Juričko

Holiday Home Juričko Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

The surroundings offer numerous possibilities for recreation, the visit of surrounding vineyards, wineries and local inns, organized guided tastings of local wines, visit of nearby spas, playing golf in Mokrice or Amon, winter activities on Sljemen.

Grobelnik Tourist Farm

Tourist farm Grobelnik Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

You can find the tourist farm in a small village in Podvrh near Sevnica. The farm and its surroundings offer enough opportunities for recreation, walks, cycling or just for giving a hand at farm chores.

Holiday Home Bregar

Holiday Home Bregar Wine growing region Posavje Slovenia

The vineyard cottage Bregar is located in the idyllic location of Kamenško pri Šentjanž. It is suitable for families, group of friends, businessmen.

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