Wine and culinary delights

Taste the Posavje wine and culinary delights at numerous restaurants and tourist farms

Gastronomic diversity is characteristic of the Posavje region. Taste the Posavje cuisine at numerous restaurants and tourist farms. When you meet local people, when you enjoy the delicious food and wine – all this is truly food for body and soul.
Not only that you will be taken by unspoiled nature, when visiting restaurants or wine cellars, but you will first receive a warm greeting and an amazing hospitality. Then, as you wish, you can choose between homemade meals, where all smells of tradition, or typical local dishes, that you can’t get elsewhere or traditional but yet sophisticated or other slovenian dishes. Featured food providers serve typical Posavje delicacies such as ‘puhla with overheated cream’ (Flat cake), ‘Cop na lop’ (Flat Cake with cottage cheese), ‘bizeljski ajdov kolač’ (Buckwheat Cake), ‘štruklji’ (Cottage Cheese Dumplings, ‘korejevc’ (Carrots Soupe), krško-polje pig delicacies, fish … But everywhere you go, dishes are prepared from fresh, authentic, local and seasonal ingredients, many of which came from own production or from nearby organic farms.
Winemakers are also committed to terroir, to regional production. But the region, which is famous for three protected wines Cviček, Bizeljčan and Sremičan also offers other high quality world famous wine varieties. Posavje flavors for different tastes! Take the opportunity to taste the fruitiness of Modra frankinja together with delights of cured-meat products. So working together, food and wine providers, hand in hand, for benefit of all!

River of flavors – Wine and culinary delights of Posavje

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