Natural beauties

The rich natural beauties can be discovered in region Posavje

Nature has created numerous beautiful features in this small peace of land.
Unique caves, called ‘repnice’, with images that nature left behined, can be find in Bizeljsko. They are used to store wine and there is no coolest place on summer to have a glass of local wine.
Discover the magical and misterious world of the underground caves of Kostanjevica and Ajdovska cave.
You can visit unique ecosystems like Jovsi, Krakovski gozd, Gorjanci and Bohor. Jovsi are one of the most preserved natural landscapes of wetland and Bohor prides itself with fresh waterfalls. The thickest Slovenian oak tree awaits for you in Cundrovec near Brežice. The magnificent giant of incredible proportions – the thickest chestnut is hidden in Močilno near Radeče. You can also observe birds (corncrake, black stork) and other animals (moor frog).
In this region a few energy points that restore life energy were also discovered (Dunaj, Šentvid, Jatna). In April and May visit habitat of Azalea pontica in blossom yellow glory.
Kozjanski Park is one of the oldest and the most extensive protected areas in Slovenia. Points of interest within the Posavje region include a picturesque rock in shape of a woman called Ajdovska žena, beautiful gorges Bistrica and Zelenjak, churches and chapels and many more.

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