Cultural heritage

The rich cultural heritage can be discovered in region Posavje

Posavje was home to numerous famous personalities, who left a special mark on the Slovene cultural history. Visit picturesque towns and small villages that reveal their rich architectural and historical value. Posavje region is full of cultural sites such as castles, archaeological findings, different ethnological collections and numerous churches. Standing at 46 meters, Water tower is the most prominent building in Brežice, giving the town its characteristic appearance.
Kostanjevica na Krki is a picturesque town, situated on an artificial island on the Krka River. It is the smallest Slovenian town and has been proclaimed a cultural monument. The most significant sight off the island is a former Cistercian monastery founded in 1234. It is one of the most important cultural monuments in Slovenia and famous for its 260 arches that embrace the monastery yard, one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The monastery also houses the Božidar Jakac Gallery with a permanent collection of famous painters.
Many Castles in Posavje region are the center of cultural life and also great locations for weddings. Visit wine cellar in Sevnica Castle and have a stroll through the park.
Learn all about the Trappists life in recently renovated Rajhenburg Castle. Castle Mokrice together with 18-hole Golf Course is also a venue for business and social events. Don’t miss other exceptional locations with magnificent castles – Brežice, Podsreda, Bizeljsko, Pišece with their own interesting stories.
Visit Krško Town Museum and fell the spirit of Janez Vajkard Valvasor and Josipina Hočevar. The oldest religious and pilgrimage center in Slovenia is also located in region Posavje (Svete Gore).
The rich cultural heritage can be discovered in the land of Ostrovrhars in the village of Svibno where the feudal dynasty Svibenjski used to live and among them, the most famous Viljem Ostrovrhar.

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