This weekend is American Inauguration, First Lady will become Slovenian Melania Trump, who is connected to small village of Raka, near Krško. Tonight there will be a party to honor new president and his wife.

The program of the event this evening will include a film about Slovenia. Slovenian companies, organizations and individuals will contribute traditional Slovenian dishes such as Kranjska sausage and cake, two companies will take care of Slovenian wines, and there will also be Slovenian vodka.

More about events in Washington:
Presidential inauguration washington dc

Residents of Posavje region considered a great honor to have a future first lady roots right here, where many living memories about her childhood and adolescence are still alive. Many  memories are  in Sevnica, where she attended elementary school and where she  lived with her parents. Her mother Amalia (born Ulčnik) was originaly from village Raka, where she got married with Viktor Knavs in the Church of St. Lovrenc.  Melania, who was born in 1970 in Novo Mesto, was baptized in this same church and spend her vacation with grandparents in Raka.

This weekend in Sevnica are organized events with guided tours of the city and the castle Sevnica. More info:

In the future we offer  tourist programs in the region Posavje, which include sightseeing places that have marked the life of the First Lady and her parents. In addition, programs offer all the other attractions that characterize our region, especially gastronomy, cultural sights, relaxation in the spa and activities in nature.

An example of weekly and weekend program can be found below. For all other programs according to your wishes more info on:  and

The gastronomic experience in the hometown of the First Lady of America

Posavje gastronomy flavors are offered by selected guest houses, wine cellars and tourist farms in southeastern Slovenian region, which is marked by the river, vineyard hills and the hospitality of the locals. Gastronomy surprises with the originality and richness of flavors and impresses with quality and wide choice of wines. Experience the pulse of the region where the First Lady of America grew up.

Explore the culinary delights and taste typical local dishes prepared from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, many of which are produced by tourist providers themselves. Sit behind restaurant table and enter the wine cellar, where you will receive a warm greeting and unobtrusive hospitality.

We are known for the unusual sand caves  that are so special and you will definitely be impressed by them . They are called ‘repnica’ – more than two hundred years old caves  dug into quartz sand, where sometimes during the winter people use to store vegetables. Most repnicas today due to the ideal temperature and humidity are great storage for wine and place for wine tasting. In our villages you can visit more than 200 years old repnicas, providing a truly unique experience. Some of them have unusually interesting ornaments on the ceiling or on the walls, some are small, others are large.
For a really authentic experience you can spend the night in the middle of the vineyard  in cottages, which are suitable for families or small groups.

7-day package includes:
– 7 nights half board (minimum 3 stars)
– Guided tour of Sevnica with life memories of Melania
– Tour of  Raka village with the Church of St. Lovrenc, entertainment and wine tasting
– Gastronomical indulgence in Etnoart farm-linking agriculture, tourism and the arts
– Tour of Castle Brestanica and wine and chocolate tasting
– Tour of Eco farm and tasting
– Visit to  the natural spa
– Tour to Ljubljana and  Postojna Cave

3-day package includes:
– 2x half board (minimum 3 stars)
– Tour of  Raka village with the Church of St. Lovrenc, entertainment in wine tasting
– Guided tour of Sevnica with life memories of Melania
– Tour to Ljubljana and  Postojna Cave



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